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“One of the better bands out there representing funk music."

Hell yeah ... is there anything better than starting the day with a phat and pumpin' funk joint ? Sure there isn't ... and that's just what I've experienced this morning by checking out the newest, long awaited, second release of UK funkateers, The Sound Stylistics.
On Greasin' the Wheels, The Stylistics mainly serve, instrumental, uptempo funk, executed by some of the UK's most talented and renowned heavyweights such as Jim Watson, Jan Kincaid, Gary Crockett, Snowboy, Simon Finch and many more.
Now first of all let me dismantle a modern fairy tale ...
Today, about everybody who's able to pick up a bass guitar, hit a drum rhtyhm, push some keys on the Rhodes or Hammond, assemble a sample, spit a rap, ... call themselves funk ... no way baby.
The Sound Stylistics ... that's what I call funk music. A perfect mix of The Meters, James Brown, Maceo, ... sauced with a modern touch.
From the start of the album, The Sound Stylistics don't give you much room to breathe with three rumbling powerhouses, Tie on One, The crisis Generator and Crack away Jack. Great tracks, which immediately make me forget all about those, so called funk ambassadors.
The Sound Stylistics cleverly manage to keep the listener's attention by providing individual space for each musician to do his thing. In this way their funk doesn't get boring as it so often is the case. Providing the audience with a soulish, relaxing sidestep in Eye of the Storm, just adds more and more to the already high standard of the grooves and the overall 'like - ability'.
With the ever growing popularity of funk music nowadays, The Sound Stylistics must be considered one of the better bands representing the genre.
Infectious, instrumental funk that summarizes all that's good and you need to know about this fabulous and rich kind of music.
A highly recommended disc.

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