The Sound Stylistics

Funk Big Band

Dusty Groove America

Plenty of grease here -- given that The Sound Stylistics are one of the most cooking combos around! The set's a fresh smoker from this damn funky power trio -- who get some great extra help here from Snowboy, Shawn Lee, Eddie Roberts, and others -- a hip expanded lineup who really make the album groove greatly! Many numbers feature some excellent horn parts on top of the fierce keyboards, riffing guitar, and heavy drums -- but horns used in a way that opens up past the norm -- with a bit of the complicated lines you might hear in a funky big band set, even though the size of this lineup is a lot lot smaller. Keyboards include Hammond, Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzer -- plus a bit of Arp as well -- and the record sounds more like a stone funky soundtrack than most other deep funk sets of this nature! Titles include "Eye Of The Storm", "Crack Away Jack", "Tie One On", "The Crisis Generator", "The Taking Of Peckham 343", "One For The Road", "Say It Isn't So", "El Nino", "Cornholin", "Big Pieces", and "The Burner". © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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